Ramsundar Lakshminarayanan practices photography as a hobby and a passion. He is an Information technology and management professional. He works for a leading financial services firm in New York.

Ram likes reading non-fiction and expresses himself in social media space. He was drawn into photography as an alternative medium of expression in 2010. He uses this medium as a creative outlet.

He learnt the basics at the Photographic Society of Singapore (PSS) from 2012.  As the learning progressed, he developed fondness for documentary photography and photo essays.

His interest lies in providing unique perspectives, such as the work “PROGRESS” and “Thaipusam Babies”. He works on projects that lie within his interest domain (social).  This gives him a sense of purpose, direction and a clear-cut narrative.

As he seeks to passionately develop his portfolio of work, he wants to ensure the stories that he tells are understood by non-photographers. Interactions with various experts in the field of photography helped clarify nuances and made him an improved photographer today. While he embarks on this journey further, he hopes to be able to better capture candid moments, improve on visual literacy and experience a sense of satisfaction.

Ram can be reached at lifebyraml@gmail.com 

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